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CA-Milleworks is located in the Texas Hill Country, just outside of Austin, Texas, specializing in LIVE Paintings and custom art commissions.

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LIVE Wedding Painting

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Live Wedding Painting is truly one of the most personalized and exceptional experiences that a couple can add

to their day.

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A Custom Art Commission is yours and only yours. It is designed from your story and is custom-made to fit and coordinate with any space.

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    Hello, I'm Camille, the artist behind CA-Milleworks. Currently residing in the Texas Hill Country just outside Austin, Texas, I'm a stay-at-home mom to two beautiful boys. Life consists of weekly visits to the soccer field, basketball practices at the YMCA, swimming lessons and everything else in between.

    While the boys are at school, I spend my days in my studio. CA-Milleworks first began with a focus on watercolor home portraits, but it has quickly grown to be so much more. I have now extended my services to acrylic and oil on canvas commissions with a special focus on LIVE Paintings and custom art commissions for weddings and events!


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Wedding Planner Review

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Review from a Bride

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Wedding Planner Review
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