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Wedding artist Camille Delgado with her husband and kids

At Austin-based CA-Milleworks, I strive to create custom artwork for every milestone in life. A celebration of a first home, a wedding day and beyond... it is my ultimate wish that my custom creations will serve as a unique reminder of a special moment or celebration and increase in sentimental value as time passes.

Camille, artist, with her husband


Allow me to "art-roduce" myself....I'm Camille, a custom artist and LIVE Wedding painter from Austin, Texas!


My creative thinking was first recognized at an early age in my writing, but it would be many years later that I really began to realize my love for art. 


I studied Journalism at Texas A&M University and then went on to the Art Institute of Houston to study graphic design. After graduation, I spent 15 years as a graphic designer/marketing specialist in the real estate and new home construction industries.


It wasn't until 2019 that I began my journey as a professional artist. After relocating our family to the Texas Hill Country (also known as the Wedding Capital of Texas), I began painting. It started with watercolor home portraits and then my business bloomed into wedding art and LIVE paintings.


I absolutely love being part of the wedding and entertainment industries....full of new beginnings and beautiful celebrations. My goal and service as a professional artist is to commemorate milestones of the not so everyday life.



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