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CA-Milleworks: Explanation of a Name

It all began with my love for all things HOME and my 10+ years experience in the real estate and homebuilding industries. I have always lived in and taken great pride in a beautiful home, whether my parents home, my dorm room while at college, any one of my many apartments, or the several homes we've jumped around to as a family. The foundation of my life has always been placed on that little four letter word personally, and professionally. And, it would be the foundation of this little business of mine as well! Because, after all, In addition to continuing to offer marketing and graphic design services, I was also going to be a "watercolor homebuilder"!

So, I searched for words that had to do with homes and homebuilding. I passed over the word Millworks, and liked the sound of it. I added it to my short list and looked the word up in the dictionary (online of course) to confirm the meaning. Millwork is "woodwork (such as doors, sashes, or trim) manufactured at a mill." That could work...I would be manufacturing at MY mill!!

To customize the word, just as I'd be customizing designs and paintings, I added the letter "e" between mill and work to make my name, Camille. By merging the two words, it became a splendidly perfect name for my business....CA-Milleworks.



After working with real estate agents for so many years, I came to understand the importance of making a lasting impression. Closing gifts, if done correctly, can affirm a relationship and enhance the personal connection between a realtor and client. Custom watercolor home portraits are one-of-a-kind, affordable and a perfect way to celebrate the genuine excitement you share when helping a client complete their new home purchase. View custom watercolor home portraits.


Ever received a gift from a friend or relative that you’ll never forget?

What made it so impressionable?

Custom artwork of any kind, and custom watercolor home portraits, are thoughtful and outside-of-the-box. Perfect for housewarming, holiday presents or a meaningful “just because”. View custom watercolor home portraits.


Our family moved from Houston to Dripping Springs in 2019. It wasn't until we were in our new home for a year or so, that I decided to venture into the wedding industry. The CA-Milleworks Wedding Collection offers services to a couple that appreciates art, and wants to add to the experience for their wedding guests in a truly authentic way. The three parts of the Wedding Collection are, the ever so popular LIVE Paintings, the Weddings in Bloom Series, and The Sparkler Suite.

A LIVE Painting can capture a special day in a way that is as personal as a love story. The painting is meant to capture a scene, whether the ceremony or reception, that guests get to experience because it all comes together onsite! The Weddings in Bloom Series is a great idea for a fun gift for your partner, commemorating the day by means of a custom floral painting. And, The Sparkler Suite is the ultimate package for a couple who wants their wedding to be an artistic adventure from start to finish.

Learn more about all that CA-Milleworks has to offer at

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