My professional career has been through major renovations over the past few years. Or, actually, maybe I'll even go as far as to say that it's never stopped being tweaked, and, well....turned upside down. I have always envied people who started a job right out of college and remained there for their career, climbing ladders and earning major 401Ks. But, as I have grown as a person and learned to follow my path, those feelings have subsided. We are most definitely not all cut out for the corporate world and all it's political glamour. I'm a round peg that can't be forced into a square whole, a butterfly that can't remain a caterpillar. But it is because of 15 years in Corporate America that make this new adventure so splendidly sweet. My journey in the art industry is getting an exciting boost!

About four months ago, I reached out to an artist that I'd seen online to ask about pricing for a service she provided that I was considering offering. Little did I know, an amazing opportunity was waiting on the other side of that email. And, this is how my journey to becoming a professional artist has revealed itself. Blessings from after another, paired alongside a lot of hard work and trust that I could, and would actually be able to provide for my family in such an unconventional way. It is an absolute honor and privilege to announce to you today that I am the newest member and artist for CLOUD STUDIO AGENCY.


Chloe Strickland (left) started Cloud Studio Agency after performing LIVE wedding paintings for over six years. She first began the gig as a way to make some money while in school at the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she studied Fashion Design. When she graduated, she was already a thriving entrepreneur that had already made a mark in the wedding industry. She was working multiple weddings every weekend and saw the trend becoming more and more popular. As a response to this high demand, she began searching for artists interested in learning the craft and joining her team. And so, Cloud Studio Agency was born.

Above from left to right: Natasha, Florida - Elysia, Missouri - Gabbi, Georgia - Camille, Texas

I am thrilled to be amongst these women as we pursue life on our own terms and excited for the friendships and opportunities on the horizon. Please follow @cloudstudioagency and @ca_milleworks on Instagram to keep up with me as I continue through the many upcoming adventures!

And, no matter where you live, if you are looking for a custom piece of art created LIVE on any special day, reach out to Cloud Studio Agency. For all those in the Texas region, I'd love to be your girl!

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