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Custom Watercolor Home Portraits & Holiday Cards

The Holidays are around the corner, and gift giving is starting to sneak back into the minds of us all! The good news is, CA-Milleworks has begun taking holidays orders for custom watercolor home portraits and holiday cards. Here are a few tips for placing orders!

Who would love a custom watercolor home portrait?

- A newly married couple that has just moved in to their first home

- Empty nesters who may be moving out of the beloved home where they raised their children - Someone who cherishes a home that may be abandoned and no longer in good condition

How to Order a Custom Watercolor Home Portrait

All I need to create a watercolor portrait are a few photos of the home preferably during a time of day when it is lit up by the sun! Use your phone to take a few pictures showing different angles and send them to I will make recommendations regarding portrait size, etc. and walk you through the ordering process.

I typically share 2-3 different proofs before completing a painting. The first proof I like to call the Layout Proof. I'll show you exactly how the home will sit in the frame, along with any text if you've asked to include it. At this stage, be specific on any elements of the home or landscaping that you'd like to add or omit. For instance, you may not want the air conditioning units on the side of the home included. Or, you'd like to omit the dead tree in the front bed, and replace it with a crepe myrtle....I can do that! Also, do you like the font that I used to place the address on the proof? Any element at this stage of the process can be changed.

The second proof is the drawn proof. Based on our discussions up until this point, I'll draw out the home, share it with you once more and then allow any small changes as needed. This is your last chance for changes! Why you ask? Watercolor paints are not like other mediums. Once a painting is started, you can't just let them dry and then paint over a mistake. Once paint has been laid down, if you decide you no longer want that bush at the end of the driveway, it would require me to start over! So, make any last minute changes before approving proof 2.

Now the fun part...paint! The next time you hear from me (unless any additional questions come up) will be when I reach out to share the finalized piece! The whole process typically takes around two weeks, depending on the current workload and/or time of year. Rush orders are sometimes doable but they do require an additional fee.

Holiday Card Orders

Would you like to have your own home painted and used on your holiday card this year? I can add holiday touches such as a wreath on the front door, lights, or garland across the front porch. However, the addition of holiday decor must be discussed prior to invoicing at the beginning of the process, so please share your interest in holiday decor in our initial conversations if you'd like them included.

Once the holiday home portrait is finished, I'll even place your order for holiday cards. I'll share several examples and styles of cards with your completed message and home portrait, and we'll finalize your card together.

Contact Camille

With custom artwork and person-to-person service, CA-Milleworks is holiday ready and excited to help with any custom commissions to make your shopping experience an easy one this year.

Browse the website to see my work and learn more about all the custom services I offer, and/or reach out by email for any additional!

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