A Bey for a Boy

100% Original

Heavy Textured Oil on Stretched Canvas

Silver Leafing

48in x 48in


The idea of this painting came to me while on my way to pick up groceries. My oldest went along for the ride, but filled a bag with beyblades, because he couldn't leave home without them. And, on that drive, my next creative adventure was born. What a wonderful opportunity to get them involved in my craft. And, boy did we have a blast with this bey!


We analyzed about ten beys...discussing the colors and elements of each. Once a bey was chosen, I placed the 48x48 blank canvas on a chair in my formal dining room, and began to draw. The painting took several months to complete, but on a weekly basis, the boys would come home from school and go into my studio to see the progress.


It was truly an enjoyable (and learning) experience for us all!


More beyblades to come...

I'd love to hear if you have a suggestion as to which I should bey I should paint next.

Send an email to camille@ca-milleworks.com with the subject, Beyblade Suggestion.

A Bey for a Boy