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What I Would DO for Your REVIEW!

Check out the Spectrio article, "The Importance of Customer Reviews", where data shows that almost all potential new patients, clients, and shoppers use reviews as a primary factor in determining where to take their business. Reviews build trust and affinity. They can also increase revenue and sales. It also states that consumers read an average of 10 reviews before deciding where to shop.

This is why I've made a decision to make getting reviews a priority for my business!

I'll Celebrate Your Review

In an attempt to have a little fun with a campaign focused on getting reviews, I decided to come up with a list of things I'll do once a certain number of reviews is reached. And, I'll do them live on social media so that you can celebrate along with me! For instance, when I have reached a total of 10 reviews across the 4 platforms, Google My Business, Facebook, theknot and WeddingWire, I'll die my hair purple. Yes I will, I promise. For those that don't know me well, I've had pretty much the same hair color and style all my life, with exception of perms and puff bangs when I was in grade school!

Leave a review and join in the fun!

10 REVIEWS - Die my hair purple

15 REVIEWS - Wear a tutu for a week and share the journey LIVE on social media

20 REVIEWS - Perform the line dance "Lil Bit" by Nelly & Florida Georgia Line LIVE on social media

30 REVIEWS - Get a tattoo

(Although it would be a small tattoo, this would be another huge deal for

WHO Can Review CA-Milleworks

I've been working professionally for 17 years. If I have ever worked with you professionally, you can leave a review. You don't have to review the watercolor art I am now creating if you haven't commissioned a watercolor. You can speak on my character, my work ethic or customer service.

WHERE to Leave a Review

I am currently looking for reviews on the CA-Milleworks accounts for the following digital platforms. Click on the links to leave a review!

I'd love to hear from you...cheers to purple hair and tutus!

I am currently at EIGHT reviews, and counting!


(That's not me, but it could be!)

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